International Airtime Top Up™

The service allows traders, students studying abroad, tourists, business travelers, migrant workers and refugees to conveniently top up their mobile phones. You can also send airtime to any network of family and friends or business partners across East Africa and over 100 countries.

We offer cross network/border airtime low cost transfers and currently connect customers, local agents, SMEs, women to 250+ mobile network operator partners with over 80 destination currencies supported through our gateway.  

Transfer small values both locally and globally for digital Financial Inclusion with simple, scalable and sustainable solutions.  

International Airtime Top Up offers

  • Send airtime instantly to any network and across the world
  • Via USSD and Website, selected Bank ATMs and Point of Sale channels  


  • 24/7 service - anytime, anywhere  
  • No need to login or sign up  


  • Send and receive confirmations by SMS, email or printed receipt
  • Using International Top Up Card, Mobile Money, Bank Card or Merchant Prepaid Card flexible payment options

Benefits to People and Businesses

Conveniently Top Up your mobile phone across 250+ networks worldwide.

Send Airtime Instantly to family and friends or business partners in over 100 countries

Amount is sent to recipient's mobile number in over 80 destination currencies supported.

International Airtime Top Up™ has Afghanistan to Zimbabwe covered.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Step 1: Go to and select country

Step 2: Select payment method (International Top Up Card or Mobile Money)

Step 3: Enter the phone number to be recharged

Step 4: Select top up amount in the destination currency

Step 5: Press Top Up Now