Benefits to People and Businesses

Airtime Top Up across 370+ mobile networks in over 150 countries.

Send Mobile Money to 20+ countries in Africa

Send Money to 100+ banks across Africa.

Cash Pick Up at 1,000+ locations across Africa.

International Airtime Top Up™ has Afghanistan to Zimbabwe covered.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Step 1: Go to and select country

Step 2: Select payment method (Visa, MasterCard, Mobile Money or International Top Up Card)

Step 3: Enter mobile number to be instantly topped up

Step 4: Select operator and top up amount

Step 5: Press send Top Up

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is International Airtime Top Up™?
2. Are there any charges and transaction fees with International Airtime Top Up™?
3. How do I benefit from International Airtime Top Up™?
4. How will the recipient know that a top up is sent to their prepaid mobile phone?
5. Who controls the rates?
6. In what currency does the recipient get the top up or sent airtime?
7. How do I pay for International Airtime Top Up service?
8. What is the minimum top up amount?
9. What happens if I do not receive a notification to enter Mobile Money PIN to confirm the transaction?
10. What is the maximum top up amount?
11. Will the top up or sent airtime be received if the mobile number is roaming (abroad)?
12. What are the common reasons for airtime top up failure?
13. What happens if I top up or send airtime to the wrong mobile number?
14. Can I top up or send airtime to a postpaid mobile number?
15. What continents and regions can I top up or send airtime instantly to any mobile phones worldwide?
16. Who do I contact in case I have any problem or question?
17. Would you like to partner with us?
18. Let us know what you think about International Airtime Top Up™