About Us

Global ICT Solutions (GLICTS) East Africa Limited is a privately held global IT services company registered and operating in Uganda since 2014. GLICTS East Africa operates under the International Airtime Top Up brand, which is protected by copyright and neighbouring rights or other intellectual property rights. GLICTS East Africa is a major distributor for GLICTS UK, a company registered in England and Wales.

We are focused on the challenges and growth opportunities for impact in promising emerging markets that connect to different study abroad, tourism, business travel, migration, trade and remittance corridors.

We are East Africa's largest International Top Up service currently connected across Africa's and the world's leading 250+ mobile networks, reaching more than 3 billion prepaid mobile subscribers. See list of available mobile networks we partner with in over 100 countries, http://internationalairtimetopup.com/available_countries

We have developed an International Airtime Top Up Gateway (technology), enabling instant Airtime transfers worldwide to any mobile phones of family and friends back home or business partners all over Africa and the world. 

Our team has advised numerous mobile operators around the world in more than 15 emerging countries across Africa, Asia and Middle East on their implementation of programs and projects in fixed, mobile, internet and telecom services.

We have expertise in the latest technologies including, convergent charging and billing systems, payment and transaction processing ecosystems, core and intelligent networks, operations and business support systems and mobile service delivery platforms.