How it Works

International Airtime Top Up service allows you to top up or send airtime instantly to any mobile phones in East Africa and over 100 destination countries we cover. This service is currently connected across 250+ mobile networks worldwide, reaching more than 3 billion prepaid mobile subscribers in real time

Simply enter the recipient's mobile number with country code. The available top up amount is sent instantly in over 80 destination currencies supported through International Airtime Top Up Gateway (technology) and brand.

See our list of available mobile networks we partner with in Africa and around the world:

Access the service via Web, any Mobile, Smart Phone, Laptop or Computer worldwide. The service is also available at selected Bank ATMs and 400+ Merchant POS locations in East Africa. Customers do not need to sign up or login to use the service.

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. Using International Top Up Card via our Website
. Using International Top Up Card with any Uganda Mobile Phone
. Using International Top Up Card with any US or Worldwide Mobile Phone
. Using Mobile Money via our Website
. Using Mobile Money with any Uganda Mobile Phone
. Using Bank Card at ATM locations in Uganda
. Using Bank Card or Merchant Prepaid Card at POS locations in Uganda